Terms & Conditions of Membership

By submitting an online Membership Application, on behalf of yourself and the residents of your household listed on the application, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

TERM OF COVERAGE: Coverage will begin fourteen (14) days after the receipt by Medstar of completed application and payment, and will expire 364 days from that date.

PERSONS COVERED: Membership covers you and the household members (collectively "Members") listed on your application, so long as they remain full-time residents of the specified household. New household members may be added, household members may be deleted or the household location my be changed by written notice to Medstar, effective the day following receipt of such notice. References to "you" and similar references herein shall be construed as including all Members.

ASSIGNMENT OF BENEFITS: You hereby assign to Medstar all rights and benefits that you have under any and all medical, health, supplemental, worker's compensation, liability, auto or homeowner's insurance policies or plans, or from other third party payers or sources which provide coverage or would otherwise pay for ambulance services covered by this Membership. Such payment sources are collectively referred to herein as "insurance." You authorize payment of all insurance benefits or payments for ground ambulance services covered by this Membership to Medstar. You understand that Medstar will, whenever it deems is feasible, file claims for and directly collect the benefits payable from insurance, up to the amount payable from insurance, up to the amount of Medstar's charges for its services. When requested by Medstar, you agree to complete any forms and take any other reasonable action that may be necessary to collect such amounts. If you or anyone on your behalf receives any insurance or third party payments for ground ambulance services provided by Medstar, you will promptly turn over those payments to Medstar.

BENEFITS: You understand that you are responsible for payment for all ground ambulance services provided to you by Medstar. However, this Membership will discharge and relieve you of your responsibility and of your financial liability that is not covered by your insurance for emergency transportation by Medstar. You agree to pay Medstar for any services it provides that are not covered by this Membership. Membership does not cover services rendered by another provider.

SERVICE AREA: The Service Area covers boundaries set forth by the County of Mendocino. This includes Ukiah, Redwood Valley/Calpella, Hopland, Potter Valley and other unincorporated areas along the Highway 101 corridor.

HOW MEDSTAR IS DISPATCHED: Every county operates under its own guidelines for emergency ambulance service. An ambulance will be dispatched to an emergency only in accordance with county protocol. Medstar does not control how Mendocino County dispatches emergency ambulance services. If you are able, you may request Medstar, but there is no guarantee that Medstar will be the provider that is activated. Another ambulance service may be dispatched even if you are a Medstar member, depending upon availability and proximity.

*OPERATING UNDER CONDITIONAL EXEMPTION: This ambulance plan is operating pursuant to an exemption from the Knox-Keene Health Care Service Plan Act of 1975 (Health and Safety Code section 1340 et seq.).

**BEFORE YOU PURCHASE: If you are currently enrolled in a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) or other health insurance program, the benefits provided by Medstar may duplicate the benefits provided by your current plan. Before purchasing a Medstar Membership, it is recommended that you call your health plan provider to determine if you are covered for this service. *WARNING: Medstar Membership is not an insurance program. It will not compensate or reimburse another ambulance company that provides emergency transportation to you or your family. This may occur when the 911 System independently determines that another company can provide a more expeditious service or is next in the rotation to receive a call. This might also occur if Medstar is unable to perform within a medically appropriate time frame, due to mechanical/out-of-service issues or when committed to another call. Out-of-county transports, transports of hospice patients, or transports by wheelchair van are excluded from the Membership Program. Only residents of the Medstar service area are eligible to become Members. Medstar Membership only applies to emergency ground transport by Medstar. Medstar reserves the right to cancel an individual Membership at any time.

***COMPLAINTS: For complaints regarding Medstar Membership, first attempt to call us at (707) 462-3808. If your complaint is still unresolved, you may contact the California Department of Managed Health Care at (800) 400-0815 or visit their website at http://www.dmhc.ca.gov.